Distracted Driving Kills

Our Story

The night that changed our lives

Joey L Eddins                       July 25, 2016

I was bringing my daughter home from an emergency room visit.  Almost to the house.  Taking it nice an easy.  She was in pain after all.  The driver that hit us was at a stop sign, waiting to turn left.  It happened so fast there was no time to react.  Even with all the EVOC training to drive  emergency vehicles, I was helpless to stop what was about to happen.  The other driver suddenly pulled out, crossing our path.  There was a brief blinding flash of headlights, the loud sound of crunching metal on metal, and then my daughters screams.  Suddenly people appeared, I was yelling to make sure my daughter was okay, I realized I wasn't.  I was carried from my vehicle to the grass by a male bystander and layed down.  I was hurt.  Very hurt.  This isn't the side of vehicle accidents I was used to being on.  Sirens, ambulance was coming.  I was suppose to the be the one showing up to the call, not the victim.  The pain hit, it was horrible.  I could do nothing but be the patient now. I looked up at the faces of the ambulance crew, then I saw him.  The man that caused this.  Holding his hair, terror on his face, saying "I'm sorry" over and over.  The next morning, I'd find out that the accident happened because he was texting while behind the wheel.  

Cheyenne Eddins

I was so sick that night already.  Mom called the doctors office and they said to get me into the emergency room.  I had no idea that night would bring us into the emergency room twice in a matter of hours.  After having a few bags of antibiotics by IV, the loving support of my Mom and Grandma, the emergency room doctor said I could go home.  Mom was driving nice and slow because I just hurt so badly.  Every bump in the road, the seat-belt, everything was making me hurt.  Then it happened.  A blinding flash of lights from the other cars headlights, being flung forward.  The sudden jerk of our stop.  My screams, my Mom's screams.  The dashboard had moved forward crushing my legs, the floorboard had risen trapping my mom's legs.  Smoke coming from the car, people running over to us from what seemed out of no where.  It was so late at night and there were hardly any cars on the road, where did all these people come from who were helping us?  I was hurt, but my Mom was hurt worse.  She had just taken care of me, now it was my turn to take care of her.  The night started off badly.  I had no idea how much worse it would end up being.